Roller Rules

Phatsk8 cares about your Health and Safety !


We are are as equally passionate about rollerskating as we are the Health and Safety of everyone "rolling with us" so please note the following terms and conditions are applicable to all participants at any one of our public discos or private events.

Roller Rules Health & Safety Notice to Skaters:

  • Alcohol and drugs are not permitted at any of our events and we reserve the right to deny entry to anybody under the influence. 
  • Phatsk8 provides helmets and full safety equipment including - wrist guards , elbow pads and knee pads at all events - the use of this equipment is highly recommended (helmets compulsory to under 18)
  •  Socks must be worn when wearing hire skates
  •  No food or drink to be taken out on to the floor.
  •  Skate in anti-clockwise direction, unless otherwise instructed.
  •   Skate within your own ability
  •  Any accidents or hazards to be reported to Phatsk8 management as soon as possible.
  • Skaters who do not follow these rules will be asked to remove their skates
  •  No refunds will be given if you choose to leave early for any reason
  • Skaters should not carry children or secondary items, such as cameras, handbags, etc. while skating;

 You are welcome to bring your own helmet.